| 10 travel destinations for January under $1000

10 travel destinations for January under $1000

Dec 21 2017

| On this first official day of winter, Mother Nature has not spared us with all the snow that has already fallen! It will be a white Christmas and Environment Canada is forecasting a long, snowy winter. Between the holidays and the gifts we would have preferred not to receive, it may be the moment to spoil yourself!

Some time off to recharge the batteries after this stressful and very busy time of the year would be welcome? Do not search anymore! Here's a list of 10 low-cost destinations where you'll be able to go to in January and forget the work for a few weeks!

1. Berlin, Germany: $494 with WOW Air

Have you always dreamed of renting a performance car and putting the pedal to the floor on the famous "autobahn"? For less than five hundred dollars, you can visit the German capital and the surrounding historic towns.

2. Los Cabos, Mexico: $478 with United Airlines

If you can ignore the bad press lately surrounding United Airlines, you could fly to this hot paradise where the desert meets the sea for only $478. It's a good thought!

3. Cancun, Mexico: $343 with United Airlines

Another Mexican destination in the sun! After all, flying off in January is often to escape the cold and snow, so why not visit the hot beaches of Cancun for about the same price as a big grocery cart?

4. San Diego, United States: $361 with United Airlines

The California coast, what does say to you? This iconic and historic city of the American west coast is located less than 200 kilometers away from Los Angeles. That'd make for a very pleasant week! Special mention to wine lovers: with its dozens of vineyards, you'll have more bottles to taste than it's possible to imagine!

5. Barcelona, ??Spain: $420 with WOW Air

Still in the sun destinations, Spain and its charms are discounted in January: for $420, treat yourself to a stroll in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, well known for its continual festivities! You will not be bored!

6. Paris, France: $400 with WOW Air

Looking for a romantic get away fo two? Paris is available in January for only $400. If you are a foodie or want to go on a historic tour, visit some museums and eat bread aplenty, you have the right destination.


7. London, United Kingdom: $445 with WOW Air

Want to visit Buckingham Palace? Visit an English pub and order a martini vodka "shaken, not stirred" like James Bond? Again, for less than $500, Europe and its rich history opens up for you. Small note: as the British Pound is very strong compared to the Canadian dollar: the exchange rate will make this trip a little more expensive.

8. Casablanca, Morocco: $697 with Air Canada

A destination full of culture! Let yourself be transported to this destination like no other near the Atlantic Ocean. Former French colony and famous for its colossal mosque, it is an exceptional trip that will make many jealous!

9. Dublin, Ireland: $399 with WOW Air

Want to share a good Guinness beer from the brewery in Ireland? Or are you whiskey lover? Ireland and its capital Dublin will have everything to seduce you with its omnipresent nature and its huge zoo!

10. Copenhagen, Norway: $399 with WOW Air

Leader in environment, social and technological policies, Norway is internationnaly recognized among industrialized countries. Copenhagen is about the colorful houses and being the winner of the vote for the happiest city in the world, now for several years. A new to-do on your list!

With all these low-cost destinations, what are you waiting for?

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