| Make 500$ by Christmas

Make 500$ by Christmas

Dec 14 2017

| The month of December is underway and already, your expenses begin to accumulate! The snowy days make us want to stay indoors and order takeout, the first holiday parties have arrived and basically everything seems to be pricier.

There is then a good chance that with all these festive expenses, the shadow of your upcoming bill might be stressing you out. At the sight of Christmas and New Year's Day coming up, maybe are you looking for some ways to make additional money so you can get through this very expensive period of the year?

Then look no further! We have taken the initiative to put together 5 ways to earn a $500 by Christmas and put to bed this financial stress!

1. Airbnb

Oh, how pleasant it is to go on a trip, or just any vacation! That's why the Airbnb company is so successful: it's a shared opinion by just about everyone. If own a property, it can be very profitable to rent it a few days in the year. A weekend out with friends? Rent your home and pay for your getaway at the same time.

2. eBay & Kijiji

Impulsive purchases are the bane of financial planning. A high-performance mountain bike for two hikes? A set of golf clubs to finally realize that it is the beer afterwards and not the golf that you like? Take a few minutes this evening and scout your home with special attention to items you have not used in the past year. You could easily have hundreds of dollars sleeping around.

3. An evening job

The restaurant industry, for example, is overwhelmed during the holiday season and often hires additional staff for this period. An evening or two a week to round up the end of the month could be a very valid option! If you have any skills, put them to work as well. You could play music at a party or be the designated photographer for a company holiday dinner.

4. Clear the snowy driveways in the neighborhood

Do you have a trusty snowblower? Put it to use! But even without one, you could go around the neighborhood and offer your services to shovel entrances on snow days. You will work hard for your money, but you will definitely save on the gym membership!

5. Local Facebook Groups

If you're not already on the lookout for Facebook groups relevant to your home city, you could find your $500 quickly! Local garage sales and job hunt groups are good places to start. Were you or are you good at school? Check out the most active pages of college and universities and find some students ready to pay for tutoring or help with their final exams!

BONUS: Make a short term personal loan

$500 would make a big difference for your situation? 700 or 800 dollars would be even better? Personal loans are there for you. Easy and quick to receive, it could be a great short-term solution for this expensive period of the year!

Good holiday season and be careful while driving!


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